Sorry about disappearing for a bit and not saying anything



I’d love to spend all the time in the world with you, but you have school and I have work.  I have to save up if I want to be with you in New York, after all.  Besides, it’s not that bad.  The lack of sleep I can cope with pretty well.  

I would love that too. And I understand about work and saving for New York, because that will most definitely be worth it. That’s not the point, Jesse. Sleep is a vital part of the human process, and it is needed. Sure you don’t need that many hours of sleep, but you still need a little more than what you’re getting.

Rachel, I love you so much.  You’re really wonderful, and you know so much more about this than I do.  I’ll work on getting more sleep.  Like I said: over the last few days, I got more than normal.

2 years ago on 5/14/2012
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